Finding a hole in the wall that doesn’t put a hole in your wallet

I have recently discovered two delicious little restaurants in Athens. They aren’t on Court Street, and they aren’t very conspicuous – aren’t the best always like that?

First: Miller’s Chicken. Awesome. I think I had a few flashbacks to my days spent in South Carolina as I shared a 5-piece basket and a large (very large) order of fries with my girlfriend. Down W. State Street past Shafer, it’s cheap, and they have two kinds of hot sauces (Texas Pete and Frank’s – the best kinds) available in big bottles on nearly every table. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a good meal and an even better nap afterward.

Second: Mistretta’s Italian Market. “A little bit of imported heaven,” according to Cutler’s Corner (and their menu) and now me. This place has a great selection, with cheap daily specials, and Sioux City Root Beet (personal favorite) for only a dollar! If you like delicious paninis and good ciabatta sandwiches, this is the place to check out. Oh, and it is just around the corner from Miller’s, on Shafer.

Here’s one of my favorites: Turkey, smoked gouda, red peppers.

Photo courtesy of Mistretta's Italian Market

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