Best Beer in Town

One of the first bars I was told when I moved here that I had to check out in Athens was Jackie O’s. I’ve been going there pretty regularly and haven’t been disappointed yet.

The place is a nice bar with good food (try the fish and chips) and great beer, most of which is brewed on-location.

Recently, I had the good fortune to take a tour of the facility and interview the joint’s brewmaster, Brad. I found that Brad, or B.C. as he’s more familiarly called, has got a pretty sweet job. The OU alumnus (he majored in creative writing, for all you aspiring brewmasters out there) gets to make delicious and intriguing recipes all day.

The bar has been a fixture of Athens’ annual ‘Ohio Brew Week,’ during which home-brewers from all over the state converge on the city to show off their best craft beers. Jackie O’s and its brewmaster have been featured on, a site that, well, rates beers (as well as reports on all things beer).

Needless to say, Jackie O’s is a gem. Athens is lucky to have it around and so am I. So get out, get down, drink some good beer and support some great people making even better beer.


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