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The ‘Free Pete’s Pig’ campaign and how you can help

I am currently in a bit of a dispute with my landlord. No, it’s not about back rent or a security deposit or whether I am keeping the yard in decent shape. No, this dispute is about a little pot-bellied pig named Hamlet.


How could anyone resist this little guy?


My girlfriend and I wanted to get him instead of a dog. They make very good pets and are a lot of the time smarter than dogs. We were all set to go buy him from Cincinnati, but before leaving we wanted to talk to our landlord about it.

Now, a little background is necessary. We live off County Road 25, on 23 acres of land. We moved there with two cockatiels as pets. In addition, the house “came with” two cats, who roam the land back and forth between our house and our landlord’s (Oh yea, she lives on the property with us). It is written into the lease that we have co-ownership of these cats, meaning we have to pay for half of their food.

The lease also says that IF we had a dog or cat of our own, we would be required to pay a $150 security deposit. It does not mention pigs. Hence, we wanted to talk to our landlord before just buying Mr. Hamlet here.

Our landlord’s reaction blew me away. She hated the idea. She said that pigs serve no purpose except companionship – they don’t scare raccoons away or protect the house. Yea, I know. Ridiculous. She also was worried that the pig would do some kind of major damage to the house. So we didn’t get Hamlet.

Now, I saw several issues in her argument. One, what purpose is a pet supposed to serve first and foremost if not companionship? And what utility do these two cats have that makes their existence “worth it?” Two, if our lease allows a dog with a $150 security deposit, that means she is willing to bet that a dog would not cause more than $150 in damage. So is a pig really more of a risk to the property than, say a Great Dane? I wonder if she’d let us get Marmaduke.

This is not over. We have not conceded defeat.

If you’d like to help, please post your thoughts, feelings or questions about the Free Pete’s Pig campaign. If you have a good pig story or picture, I’d love to see it too. Follow the campaign on Twitter for the latest news and updates.


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